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  The famous Montenegrin artist Sergej Cetkovic presented his new video ”Ako te zaboravim”. The music and the lyrics are done by Sergej Cetkovic himself. The arrangement is done by Marko Milatovic and Vladan Popovic Pop. The song is quite rhythmic and brings a positive message. The video production is by IDJ videos. Director of […]

  Dado Polumenta just released his new single – the love ballad “Talija”. The project dedicated to the big love is a cover vesrsion of an Indian song. On the Montenegrin version have worked  the composer Pavle Radulovic and the lyricist Gordana Gvozdenovic. In the video again participates Dado’s wife – beautiful Ivana Ivkovic.  

  For a very short time Boban Rajovic released a few videos with the promotion of his new album “Dito”. But now, two months later,  the Montenegrin artist released and brand new video with the remix of the song “Kreten”. The original video has almost 2 million views in YouTube but the remix for sure […]

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