BALKAN MOVIE – concert in honour of Tose Proeski – Part 1

Written by on 15.11.2018


Don’t miss BALKAN MOVIE with the most interesting moments from the spectacular concert in honour of Tose Proeski held in Skopje. Watch part 1 on November 17th (Saturday) at 19:00 h EET only on Balkanika Music Television.

On November 2nd  a concert in honour of Tose Proeski was held in Boris Trajkovski Arena in Skopje. The event gathered on one scene some of the biggest artists in the Balkans who performed his songs. Among the stars that emerged were: Karolina Goceva, Tamara Todevska, Tijana Dapvecic, Boris Novkovic, Frajle, Vlado Kalember, Bojan Marovic, Anja Rupel, Daniel Kajmakoski, Aleksandar Tarabunov, Antonia Gigovska, Aleksandra Janeva, Naum Petreski, Kalvdiya and others who sang for about three hours.

Besides the famous artists from all over the Balkan on the concert there were many people who had worked with Tose Proeski for years. They shared their intimate memories for the great artist especially for Balkanika Music Television. In this episode of BALKAN MOVIE you can watch the interviews with the lyricist Ognen Nedelkovski and the composer Grigor Koprov who made some of the greatest hits of Tose.

In this week’s edition of BALKAN MOVIE you can watch also and the exclusive intereview with Kristijan Risteski  – Tose Proeski’s nephew, who seems to have inherited the talent of his famous uncle and made his debute on the big stage on this concert. Especially for Balkanika Music Television he shared his emotions which overcome in his soul on during this exciting evening.

But this is not all! Watch BALKAN MOVIE and next week when you we will meet you with some of the big Balkan stars who took part in the amazing concert in honour of Tose Proeski .

Stay tuned!

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