Alek Sandar walks around New York with a Bulgarian kozunak

Written by on 09.10.2018


Is tasty the Bulgarian kozunak for New York citizens, decided to test Alek Sandar in his new song “Kozunaka“.  This idea came to his mind last Easter when he tried to explain to his American friends what exactly is the “kozunak” – what is its taste and how it is prepared (*kozunak is a special cake that is prepared on Easter).

The video shows emblematic locations, where the artist offers to people to taste the kozunak. Their reactions after tasting it are very natural and funny. There are people from different cultures and countries filmed in places like Time Square, Soho and other places in Manhattan.

For realizing the video one of the main problems was to find kozunak. After a long-time research Alek Sandar found one Jew  – owner of one if the oldest sweetshops in East Village who takes the order and produces the necessary quantity of kozunak using the traditional Bulgarian recipe. For each kozunak the singer payed 50 dollars. “The price was worth it because they were really tasty and the people liked them from the first bite.”, explained the artist.


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